How Can We Add Trusted Contacts on Facebook?

Facebook Trusted Contacts

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Social media platforms have taken over the world, and it is only fair since communication has become so much easier with the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and other major social sites being available for public use.  

In case you are looking to know how to add trusted contacts to the platform of Facebook, follow this blog till the end.  

Here are the steps that can be used to add trusted contacts on Facebook with relative ease. 

Steps to add trusted contacts 

  • Start the proceedings by logging in to your account and moving to the security section of your account. Alternatively, click on this link to access the trusted contacts tab on Facebook.
  • In there, a basic intro about what trusted contacts are for will be given to you. Following that, simply make use of the instructions available on the screen to set up trusted contacts for your Facebook account.  

Making use of these simple steps can help users how to add trusted contacts on Facebook without having to worry too much.  

In case you want any further info or queries about the same or any other queries related to Facebook, visit the help and support center of Facebook to get all the answers that you seek. 


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