Why Instagram Won’t Let Me Post?

Can't Post on Instagram

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Instagram is all about photos, stories, reels, etc but what happens when Instagram does not allows you to take photos this often happens when there is an issue with Instagram like instagram not letting me post. 

In this blog, the users are going to learn ‘why can’t I post on Instagram’ so that the users can learn about the issue and you will also learn about the solutions for the same to fix the issues, and for this they need to follow the steps carefully.

Reasons which are causing this problem for you –

  • Pictures that you are posting on the Instagram are breaking the community guidelines of instagram then you might face this issue.
  • If you are having a poor internet connection then you would not be able to upload picture.
  • Old version of the app can also be responsible for instagram wont let me post

Fixing the issues of Instagram not uploading posting –

1. Clearing the cache files

  • Move to the settings of iphone and then select the app settings option.
  • Now, in the instagram app, the users just need to click on the cache button.

2. Updating the instagram app for the users 

  • Open the Google play store on your device and then from there they need to look for the Instagram app on the search bar.
  • Once Instagram is in front of you, you need to click on it and then on the update option.
  • Once the app is updated you need to check if you are able to upload the picture using the app or not.

3. Using a fast connection for Instagram

If the internet connection you are using can't post on instagram then you need to change the internet connection and see if your new connection of yours is stable enough to support Instagram.

On the other hand, if your instagram couldn't refresh then, you can read our full-fledged article through the given below link.


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